Video on loss of sync

I would like WekaOSD have the capability to continue generating video if the signal from the camera is lost or a camera is not connected. For this, I will need to detect when
loss of sync occurs and have the MCU generate sync signals.

I have worked out a way I can do this. The sync input on the AD724 is driven by the CSYNC output of the LM1881. At the same time, CSYNC is connected to a pin on the MCU. During normal operation the MCU pin is configured as an input so the MCU can derive horizontal timing. If LOS occurs or there is no camera, the pin can be configured as an output. Since the LM1881 sync output appears to be open-drain, either the LM1881 or the MCU can pull the line low to generate a sync pulse. This means the MCU can easily generate its own sync signals with no risk of 2 pins driving the line at the same time.

I can detect LOS by monitoring the Burst Gate output from the LM1881 using a second MCU pin. When there is incoming video there will be a short pulse every 64 uS. If those pulses stop then there is no video, and the MCU can switch to generating sync pulses.

If I make the pixel switch pin open-drain with a pullup resistor, then when loss of sync occurs I can put the pin into input mode. This will have the effect of turning the pixel switch signal continuously on, regardless of the value for the current pixel.

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